• The best billing system in the world.

    After 20 years of continuous improvement.

    A fully functional stable and reliable, easy to use.

    Base on SAAS Security of cloud computing. The function is all ready Remote audit, save time and effort Support PC and laptops Support WIN XP, WIN7, WIN10 systems Automation managementOnline monitoring and generate reports Flowing data statistics Set a variety of Member benefits policy.


  • Base on WINDOWS system.

    Apply to cafe, milk tea shop, cybercafe, and some other type of store sell the semi-finished food or fast-food snacks.


  • Base on Android, windows systems. Apply to the stores’ type that needed to reservation or open a table to order, like restaurant, Chess-Poker Room etc.


  • AIo software (Android5.1) + hardware.Apply to all kinds of catering store. IPS screen,Hi-Fi image.With receipt printer.With accumulator, normal operation if power outage.


    Desk, Shelf, Reservation, Takeaway, Membership card, Shift, Online payment, Staff permissions, Business data etc.

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